Monday, October 17, 2011

Simple Candles

Autumn is here and I love finding ways to create a cozy home.  I was in the mood for Fall decorating and started searching for budget friendly ideas.  Nothing says cozy like warm candle light.  I came across a few Simple and budget friendly candle projects!

For the first project you'll need a bag of candy corn, a mason jar or vase, and a tea light or other small candle.
Simply add the candy corn in the mason jar or vase and then add the candle on top.

This was budget friendly and festive!

For the second project, I wanted to dress up a plain candle that I had on an iron base.

I found ribbon that I saved and cut it so that it fit around the candle. I used a thumb tack to fasten the ribbon in place. (You can use hot glue as well.)  Place the ribbon wherever you like; I chose the center.  I like the idea of using the thumb tack because you can change the ribbon according to the season! 

Lastly, I turned the candle to hide the tack!

For the last project I used left over tweed and a candle that I received as an apartment warming gift from a friend.

Before cutting the tweed I tightly wrapped it around the candle 4 times to make sure the piece was long enough. I tied a doubled knot and then tied a bow.  (If you're not a bow person you can leave the string hanging!)

I like how the tweed gives the candle a rustic Fall look!

I hope you enjoyed these ideas and perhaps have been inspired to do some Fall decorating yourself!
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Hi everyone! I decided to start a blog to share simple projects and recipes that I try.  I enjoy doing art projects and cooking as a form of relaxation and expression.  Please feel free to leave comments!  Thanks for stopping by!