Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday Mason Drink Jar Tutorial

Together David and I made holiday mason jars for our Holiday Party last weekend.  They gave the party an extra festive touch! 
We gathered our saved mason jars from tomato sauces, and soaked them in hot water to remove the labels.
These tags are for guests to mark their jars with their names.
Cut strands of ribbon to wrap around the jar, and string the tags through the ribbon.
Hot glue the ribbon to secure it on the jar.
Finish it off with a striped straw and voila!
We served mango mojitos in our jars.
I recommend using plastic straw as these paper ones got too soft.
I hope you're enjoying you holiday festivities!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Decor Find! (Rocks&Mountains)

How is your holiday shopping going?  I'm just about done with mine.  I have some fun DIY projects that I will share soon too.  In the meantime...I want to share some beautiful décor that Rocks & Mountains is selling on Amazon. 
Rocks & Mountains specializes in white bone china. (I wish I had a bigger apartment so that I could to get more of their décor!) 

Here are some of my favorites. Check their website for more items.





Stay tuned for some simple holiday DIY projects!