Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pompom Tutorial

While looking for decoration ideas for my sister's baby shower I came across these pictures on Pinterest
These soft and festive pompoms make great decorations for any type of celebration!   They're easy to make and have a great effect!

tissue paper
garbage bag ties

1. Layer 8 pieces of tissue paper on top of one another.

2. Fold the tissue paper back and forth like an accordion.  (About an inch wide.)

3. Fold in half to mark the center.

 4.  Unfold and tightly tie a garbage bag tie in the center.  (Use scissors to help tighten twist.)

5.  At each end, round the edges with scissors to create a half circle shape. 

6.  Open the pleats. 

7. Gently separate each layer of tissue by pulling it towards the center.

 (If you want to make a flower, stop here.)

By separating all layers of tissue you'll end up with this type of pompom.

Create another pompom and tie two together (back to back) to create a round pompom.

See more pictures from the baby shower here!

Baby Shower Decorations

After a little hiatus I'm back to share pictures from the baby shower my family and I had for my sister and her husband!  The shower was a relaxed BBQ/pool party with a touch of "baby". 

Many of these ideas came from Pinterest.

Food highlights:
fruit salad-watermelon baby carriage carved by a family friend

plum tomato and mozzarella appetizer 

falafel baby rattle appetizer
crab cake baby rattle appetizer

baby blue pompom
"advice for the parents-to-be board"

onesie display

"it's a boy!" napkin/utensils

cabana decorations
 See how to make pom poms here.

centerpiece/wall art

baby books/ old school pictures of the parents

 We had a fun time! Now we're waiting for the little guy to arrive! 

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